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Send emails to subscribers with this app

1st Mass Mailer is a handy productivity tool that enables you to easily send out batches of emails. Developed by Softstack, this program is a fast subscription-based bulk mailer designed for sending requested personalized email messages to lists of mail respondents subscribed to this feature. This is great for businesses or websites that employ such a service to their target audience, as it’s pretty easy to use.

Handle newsletters with ease

With 1st Mass Mailer, you can do various things for your subscribers. At its core, you can send personalized emails, create and manage subscription-based mailing lists, import your email lists with personal details, and generate individual messages while sending other emails. This tool largely upgrades your subscription newsletter capabilities in the default email programs, allowing you to send out tons of emails without having to create each one from scratch.

When your website or business service users subscribe to your newsletter, they have to provide personal info. The program thus allows for quick imports of mailing lists into its internal database so you can start sending out those emails. It also lets you do filter-based manipulations on the list, sort and search for duplicate emails, and enable or disable individual subscribers. This easy management of mailing lists even allows server connection customization for faster sending.

The program also offers the generation of personalized messages from preset templates while you’re sending them. If your subscribers are for different mailings, you can create separate customized subscription-based lists with their information. You can also insert macro substitution patterns and use standard messaging formats like plain text, HTML, or even exported rich content from other email programs. This program has a user-friendly interface, which makes navigating the application much easier.

Not a lot of advanced features

All in all, 1st Mass Mailer is a bulk emailer program that should be easy enough for anyone to use. It has practical features for mass-sending emails to lots of people and allows customization of settings for further ease of use. However, when compared to other mass mailers, this one seems to lack more advanced functions. Nevertheless, this is a recommended program to try out if you’d like a starter tool.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Can create personalized emails
  • Easy mailing list management
  • Can choose SMTP server connections


  • Not a lot of advanced features

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1st Mass Mailer


1st Mass Mailer 7.02 for PC

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